Reed 04124 TC2QPVC Quick Release Cutter Reed 04124 TC2QPVC Quick Release Cutter
Reed Quick Release tubing cutters are the industry standard; most recommended by plastic pipe companies and most imitated by other manufacturers. They are the most practical cutters for small, medium, and large diameter work and feature sliding bars now with magnesium for added strength. They cut clean with very little burr. Field tests show that Quick Release cutters with Reed OP2 or 30-40P cutter wheels are excellent for use on ABS pipe.

Catalog No.: TC2QPVC*
Item Code: 04124
O.D. Capacity: 1/4" - 2-5/8" (Actual) 6 - 63 (Actual) 0mm
Length: 8" 203 mm
Weight: 1.2 lbs. 0.5 kg
Wheel: 1 - 2 PVC
Material Cut: PVC,CPVC

*Features spare cutter wheel in knob. TC1QP, TC1QPVC, TC1.6QP, and TC1.6QPVC have spare “O” wheel.
TC2QP has “OP2” wheel, TC2QPVC gets “1-2PVC” wheel.
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