Reed 04485 PLAS4 In-Line Rotary Cutter (for PE/PVC) Reed 04485 PLAS4 In-Line Rotary Cutter (for PE/PVC)
Description: Reed’s PLAS In-Line Rotary Cutters are excellent for cutting 4” to 28” (110 - 800 mm) diameter PVC or PE pipe in-trench or above ground. Each cutter needs just 6” to 8” clearance around the pipe. Outboard rollers keep the cutter aligned on pipe, ensuring a square cut every time. The tool’s carbide-tipped blades for PVC are long-lasting and penetrate up to a 2” wall thickness. Each PVC cutter also can produce, in-line with the cut, a 15° bevel on both sides of the cut. In addition, Reed has developed a hardened, tool steel blade to cut PE pipe. The curved blade drives chips out of the way, making PE cuts much easier. Regular PLAS cutters can be retrofitted for PE by purchasing the new blade (#94485) separately.

Catalog No.: PLAS4*
Item Code: 04485
Pipe Capacity: 14" - 28" (Inches-Nom.) 355 - 800 (Actual) 0 mm
Weight: 68 lbs. 14.1 kg
Sections Used: B, C (4), D

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