Reed 04489 HK1228 Hack Saw with Blades Reed 04489 HK1228 Hack Saw with Blades
Description: The HK1228 is a high-tension style hack saw. Bi-metal blades have a high speed steel cutting edge and are electron-beam welded to alloy steel back, with wavy set. When used with high-tension frames, bi-metal blades provide best performance and safety. Blades and hack saw frames are interchangeable with Stanley, Lenox, Starrett, M.K. Morse and Ridgid, among others.

Catalog No.: HK1228
Item Code: 04489
Description: High Tension Hack Saw
Blade: Bi-Metal Blade
Throat Depth Inches: 4-3/4"
Weight: 1.8 lbs. 0.8 kg
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