Reed 04604 HPC4 Guillotine Pipe Cutter Reed 04604 HPC4 Guillotine Pipe Cutter
Description: These robust tools are designed to cut PE pipe thicker than SDR17 within 1/8” (3 mm) of square on up to 12” (350 mm) medium and high-density pipe so that no facing is needed for electrofusion and only minimal facing for butt fusion joints. Its durable, Teflon-coated blade makes many square cuts with no chips to clog valves and small openings. Blades are easy to sharpen or replace.

Catalog No.: HPC4
Item Code: 04604
Capacity: 2" - 4" (Inches-Nominal) 63 - 125 (Actual) 0 mm
Length: 19" 482 mm
Weight: 15.6 lbs. 7.1 kg
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