Reed 04925 PEXOH34 Pex Crimper for Cooper Rings Reed 04925 PEXOH34 Pex Crimper for Cooper Rings
Description: PXCR and PEXOH Reed crimpers squeeze the copper rings used on PEX brass fittings. PEX systems are used for potable water lines, radiant heat, snow melt and ice rink systems, among other applications. The design of these PEX crimpers eliminates tool marks and distortion on the rings. The tools crimp rings easily, making PEX installation a breeze. For one-hand use on 1/2” and 3/4” PEX, consider the PEXOH12 or PEXOH34. The close quarters PEXSD model utilizes a screw drive for crimping. It features 4 sizes in its compact shape. Each Reed crimper for copper rings comes with its own go/no-go gauge. The PEXSSPINCH gives reliable, watertight crimps on stainless steel clamps. It is lightweight and valuable for reaching into tight quarters. It features a comfort grip, ratcheting handle for its full-cycle mechanism crimps. An included calibration gauge makes it easy to verify adjustments before crimping.

Catalog No.: PEXOH34
Item Code: 04925
Capacity: 3/4” capacity, one-hand style
Handle Length*: 9"
Weight: 2.6 lbs. 1.2 kg
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