Reed 05151 SD84-4 Adjustable Guide Threader Set Reed 05151 SD84-4 Adjustable Guide Threader Set
Description: The Reed adjustable guide system and solid block dies make these the most economical, most convenient, and most versatile threader sets on the market. Because the guide system adjusts to different sizes of pipe, it is only necessary to have a die for each pipe size, not a die plus a head. Other threader sets which require a die and a head for each size take up considerably more room in the toolbox or truck. Further, with two pawls, handle swing is faster – half that of one pawl competitive sets, and best for close quarter work. Adjustable Guide Threader Sets work well on coated pipe because the diehead can fit over the coating and then be tightened down into place. There is no need to peel back the coating before threading. This speeds up the job and permits maximum retention of the protective coating to extend pipe life. These sets use Reed Block Dies (below) for easy cutting and precise threading. Block dies may be used as pipe thread chasers. The PEXSSPINCH gives reliable, watertight crimps on stainless steel clamps. It is lightweight and valuable for reaching into tight quarters. It features a comfort grip, ratcheting handle for its full-cycle mechanism crimps. An included calibration gauge makes it easy to verify adjustments before crimping.

Catalog No.: SD84-4*
Item Code: 05151
Range Inches: 1/2" - 2”
No. Dies Included: 6
Weight: 29.1 lbs. 13.2 kg

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