Reed 05253 701PDSET2 W/BOX Power Drive with Box Reed 05253 701PDSET2 W/BOX Power Drive with Box
Description: 701PD Power Drive automates the threading process for pipe 1/8” through 2” (3-50 mm). 701PD is the lightest threading power drive machine at 15.9 pounds (7.2 kg) available for popular R12+ or 12R style dropheads. 701PD comes with a free safety arm and is equipped with a gearshift that backs the machine off the work twice as fast at 60 RPM. Safety Arm absorbs the forces generated when threading and frees up the operator to oil the dies during threading. Gearing gives this compact power drive plenty of torque to thread 2” pipe.

Catalog No.: 701PDSET2 W/BOX
Item Code: 05253
Description: 701PD, Vise, Box and 1/2” - 2” Dropheads
Capacity: 1/2" - 2" (Inches-Nominal) 12 - 50 mm
Weight: 69.7 lbs. 31.7 kg
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