Reed 06333 R233 Double-End Chain Tongs (Heavy-Duty) Reed 06333 R233 Double-End Chain Tongs (Heavy-Duty)
Description: Durable long-lasting tongs for all types of pipe fitting jobs, from oil field to general work. Tools consist of solid, full-length handles of forged steel and strong, flat link chains. Hardened steel jaws are replaceable and interchangeable with major brands, including Ridgid. As with Reed and other brands, single- and double-end tongs require different chains, jaws, and bolts.

Catalog No.: R233
Item Code: 06333
Pipe Capacity: 1 - 6 (Inches-Nom.) 33 - 168 (Actual) 0 mm
Length: 44" 1118 mm
Chain Length: 32" 813 mm
Breaking Strain: 20,000 lbs.
Weight: 29 lbs 13.2 kg
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