Reed 06465 STP710 Stud Punch Reed 06465 STP710 Stud Punch
Description: Reed offers the most common sizes of stud punches for metal studs, plumbing, and electrical work. Give fast punches for running wires or lines through metal studs without pre-drilling. Punches up to 20 gauge mild steel. STP710 features two cutting edges while STP709 has four cutting edges. For punches made with the STP710 and other 1 11/32” holes, use GR1.3 plastic grommets to protect pipe and wire from the metal edges.

Catalog No.: STP710
Item Code: 06465
Punch Size: 1-11/32 (Actual in) 34.1 mm
Length: 21.0" 533.4 mm
Weight: 6.6 lbs 3.0 kg
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