Reed 08000 DS12 Pipe Descaler Reed 08000 DS12 Pipe Descaler
Description: Reed pipe descalers feature wide, tough scrapers that remove scale, dirt, and corrosion cleanly and quickly from the pipe surface to allow more effective cutting, joining, gasket/valve seating, or other operations. Descalers are faster and more effective than chisels, chains or files and need only 2” of clearance around the pipe. Use descalers to clean pipe before cutting or water tapping or drilling. Roller handles allow smoother movement in use. DS12 and DS36 chain descalers are made entirely of steel that is zinc-plated for corrosion resistance and toughness. The scrapers are welded on for long life and can be sharpened. Also, Reed produces a heavy-duty power transmission belting pipe descaler, DS12B. Its handles and scrapers are blackened for good rust protection. Belt descaler benefits include lighter weight than all-metal descalers or chains, longer length to ease back strain during use, and high-profile scrapers that don’t clog with dirt as readily. Reed also offers replacement belts with scrapers attached; simply bolt the new belt onto the handles.

Catalog No.: DS12
Item Code: 08000
Type: Steel Chain
Pipe Capacity: 3 - 12 (Inches - Nom.) 70 - 300 mm
Length: 32" 810 mm
Weight: 5.7 lbs. 2.6 kg
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