Reed 08160 HTP1000 Hydrostatic Test Pump Reed 08160 HTP1000 Hydrostatic Test Pump
Description: Reed’s HTP300 and HTP1000 are designed to test water meters, plumbing lines, pressure vessels, solar systems and sprinkler systems, in both residential and commercial buildings. The units are portable and can be used to test modest irrigation lines. Pump operation requires the user to first fill the system that needs to be tested. Next, the user raises the system pressure by actuating the pump handle. Finally, the user closes the pump’s ball valve at the desired pressure. The user determines leakage based on dropping pressure as indicated by the pump’s pressure gauge. The pump has a relief valve that reduces the likelihood of over-pressuring the system. Hoses are sold separately.

Catalog No.: HTP1000
Item Code: 08160
Capacity: 1000 psi
Weight: 8.6 lbs. 3.9 kg
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