Reed 09300 TM1100 Direct Tapping Machine Reed 09300 TM1100 Direct Tapping Machine
Description: Reed's Direct Tapping Machine is used to drill and tap water mains while under pressure, then to install 3/4'' or 1'' corporation stops in a 2-step operation. It covers a range of 4'' - 48'' cast or ductile iron and C900 PVC with the use of saddles and chain extensions (saddles sold separate). The TM1100 features a flip clamp feed system. Anodized and epoxy-painted aluminum frames provide a lightweight yet sturdy machine for tough in-ditch applications. The swing valve allows easy change-out from drill tap to corporation insertion tool without main shutdown. Uses Reed DT and DTP series drill taps.

Catalog No.: TM1100
Item Code: 09300
Size in Inches: 3/4 - 1
Pipe Diameter: 4 - 48 (In-Nom.) 100 - 1300 (Actual) 0 mm
Weight*: 101.8 lbs 46.3 kg

*Including Box & Accessories – TM1100 unit alone weighs 40.4 lbs / 21 kg
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