Robert Larson 110-9100 Shellac Kit - 10 oz. Orange Robert Larson 110-9100 Shellac Kit - 10 oz. Orange
110-9100 Shellac Kit
• Among traditional wood finishers, dewaxed shellac is preferred as the best protection for fine wood surfaces.
• Shellac flakes are dissolved in "spirit", simple denatured alcohol, to make a finish that is considerably more "shop friendly" than other, petroleum-based finishes.
• A shellac finish becomes hard, durable, non-yellowing, and easy to repair.
• And it's nontoxic.
• "Orange" and "Blonde" colors of shellac allow subtle tinting.
• As mixed shellac ages, its water-resistance decreases and its drying time increases.
• Since you mix Hock Shellac yourself you are assured the freshest and most durable shellac available.

Product Specifications-
• Shellac Kit includes: Solvent 10 oz Orange
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