Robert Larson 525-3090 Colt Clean Exit Drill Bit 3/8 Robert Larson 525-3090 Colt Clean Exit Drill Bit 3/8"
525-3100 Colt Clean Exit Drill Bit
• These are new and a first! This clean exiting drill bit from Colt in Germany has precision cutting characteristics and a newly developed cutting point that nearly guarantees a clean hole without breakage and chipping after drilling in and out of your work.
• For the first time no support at the back, or any other attachment, is needed for drillng a clean hole on both sides.
• This new tip accomplishes this better than all existing known types of drill bits.
• Made of HSS-M2 with fully ground flutes, two lands between flutes, and the new cutting tip. Tested by professionals who confirm that no backing board is required for drilling a clean, tear-free hole.
• This bit speeds up your work with no loss of quality and is perfect for cabinetmakers.
• Especially suitable for drilling of particle boards, coated particle boards, MDF material, plastics, hard and soft wood.
• Works best in a drill press or other stationary machine.
• Speed range should be 1400 to 3500 rpm depending upon the material being drilled and the drill diameter.

Product Specifications-
• Inch Drills: 3/8"
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