Robert Larson 525-4014 Twinland Brad Point Drill 7/16 Robert Larson 525-4014 Twinland Brad Point Drill 7/16"
525-4014 TwinLand Brad Point Drill
• Available as a set or individually, these brad point drills feature the new TwinLand design for better drill hole guidance and smoother holes.
• Drills are produced out of alloy tool steel and have double lands between each flute.
• This TwinLand concept improves accuracy, as the second land surface guarantees improved guidance when hand drilling even with minimal depth.
• This second land surface also prevents chips squeezing between the drill and hole wall - eliminating burns and marks.
• The drill points are a traditional brad point which are ground with diamond wheels.
• Flute are a black finish.
• The two larger sizes have 5/16” shanks.
• Made in Germany.

Product Specifications-
• Brad Point Drill: 7/16"
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