Robert Larson 560-3150 Miter Ring C Capacity 9/16 Robert Larson 560-3150 Miter Ring C Capacity 9/16" to 1-18"
560-3150 Miter Rings
• Miterd corners are one of the most difficult joints to clamp in all of woodworking.
• This very efficient mitre clamp system is like no other clamping method.
• It draws the two mitred pieces together and effectively holds them together with powerful spring-like rings.
• The rings have sharp points that do not drift or move once they are positioned.
• There are six ring sizes (A-F) for various sized workpieces.
• Ideal for picture frames, moulding, decorative trim and other miter-type assemblies.
• The rings must be installed with the special application tool.

Product Specifications-
• Mfg Nbr: Mitre Ring C
• Capacity: 9/16" to 11/8"
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