Robert Larson 630-4200 Combination Square Set Robert Larson 630-4200 Combination Square Set
630-4200 Combination Set
• This combination set is great for the woodworker.
• The square head has a built-in spirit level that is viewable from the top, bottom, and sides.
• A small scribe is also located in the square head. This scribe screws into the storage spot, so there is less chance of it being lost.
• The protractor head allows any angle between 0 degrees and 180 degrees to be worked.
• The centering head makes it easy to find the center of round work, making it ideal for turners.
• All heads are removable and adjustable.

Product Specifications-
• Combination Square Set includes:
• Miter Square Head
• Center Head
• Protractor head -- all on a 12" stainless steel blade marked in both inch and metric measurements.
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