Robert Larson 825-6586 Self-Centering Bit 1/4 Robert Larson 825-6586 Self-Centering Bit 1/4" Only F/825-6585 (Shelf Pin Drill Jig)
825-6586 Shelf Pin Drill Jig
• Guaranteed accuracy and speed for all of your shelving projects.
• This jig precisely spaces shelf pin holes 1-1/4” apart as well as 37mm or 64mm from the edge.
• In addition, simply index the 20” long template with a shelf pin and extend the range of this jig for any length run of holes.
• Use with either face frame or frameless construction.
• Comes with a 1/4” self-centering bit.

Product Specifications-
• Bit Only: 1/4"
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