Robert Larson 840-1000 Universal Cutter Robert Larson 840-1000 Universal Cutter
843-1000 Universal Cutter
• Light universal notched blade cutter and wire cutter.
• These cut copper, aluminum sheet, leather, carton, paper, and soft steel and soft steel wire (thin dimensions).
• They have a lovely “retro” form with a built-in hand stop.
• They have a “notch” above the pivot point which is specially hardened to do wire-cutting, like paper-clips etc.
• Striations in handle assure good grip. Hot forged.
• The lower jaw has miniserrations to prevent the slippage of materials during cut.
• And though it is made of tool steel it can and does find good use in the kitchen as poultry shears.
• Just keep it dry after use.
• Keep one in the shop, one in the kitchen, and another with your garden tools.
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