Robert Larson 847-6150 Handy Tool Sharpener With 2 Inserts Robert Larson 847-6150 Handy Tool Sharpener With 2 Inserts
847-6150 Tool Sharpener
Three extremely useful and easy to use sharpening tools each with diamond sharpened tungsten carbide inserts. All feature the same comfortable-to-hold aluminum handle with incorporated guard and tapered head. Each of these tools comes with a very nice soft leather pouch for storage and protection while not in use. Clearly worded and illustrated instructions are also included with each.

• Fitted with the same V form insert in solid tungsten carbide as the 847-6100, but on the other side of the tapered head, has a second insert, this one round with a diamond ground helical chipbreaker which is used after the V insert to remove any burrs and refine the edge.
• This second insert also works as a quick touch-up between sharpenings.
• Excellent for sharpen ing pocket, shop or kitchen knives whether in stainless or carbon steel.
• With this tool a truly refined and polished edge can be achieved on most any tool.

Product Specifications-
• Tool Sharpener: Two Inserts
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