Powermatic 1352001 Model 3520B Lathe 2HP, Will Operate 1Ph, or 3Ph, 230V Powermatic 1352001 Model 3520B Lathe 2HP, Will Operate 1Ph, or 3Ph, 230V
• Digital readout allows the user to see the exact RPM that the spindle is turning at for more accurate adjustments and fine tuning
• Redesigned headstock allows for better chisel angles when turning the back side of a bowl against the headstock
• Redesigned tool rest geometry allows for better chisel movement along the tool rest
• Brass tipped knockout bar concentrates the action in the sliding handle; the brass tip will not mar or damage any of the drive centers
• Tool caddy mounts directly to the lathe which allows the user to store all the necessary tools right under the headstock
• Tailstock storage keeps a chip free area to store other often used accessories

Product Specifications-
• Distance Between Centers (in.): 34-1/2
• Swing Over Bed (in.): 20
• Overall Length (in.): 50
• Spindle Speeds: 0-1200 / 0-3200 RPM
• Motor: 2HP, 220V
• Lathe Power Requirements: 220V, 3PH or 1PH
• Spindle Thread Size: 1-1/4” x 8 T.P.I.
• Head/Tailstock Taper: #2 Morse
• Height: 44” (Adjustable)
• Weight(lbs.): 650
• Tailstock Quill Travel (in.): Over 4
• 3” Faceplate: standard
• 14” Toolrest: standard
• Drive System: Poly V Belt, Inverter Drive
• Spindle Lock: standard
• Knock Out Rod, Brass Tipped: standard
• Drive Center: standard
• Multiple Ball Bearing Line Center: standard
• Hole through Tail Stock Spindle (in.): 3/8
• Hole through Head Stock Spindle (in.): 5/8
• Footprint of stand (in.): 50L x 24W
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