Wilton 16300 303, Hydraulic No. 303 Pow-R-Arm Wilton 16300 303, Hydraulic No. 303 Pow-R-Arm
• Same size and strength as Model 301 with hydraulic locking action
• Rated for heavy-duty assembly, welding, maintenance and tool room work. Hydraulic system is hand operated, self-contained and sealed with replaceable cups two mounting holes at top(5/16-18) holes 1" apart
• WILTON Pow-R-Arms, the full swivelling, 360° dead-lock work positioners, puts the workpiece where you want it and holds it tight for hands-free production
• Reposition the workpiece quickly and accurately with the flexibility of Pow-R-Arms wrist action, thus eliminating time-consuming clamping and unclamping
• Pow-R-Arms increase productivity by bringing the work to the worker-which helps reduce fatigue, back injury and other health problems
• Available in a wide range of models for every job size, Pow-R-Arms are perfect for any application-at a permanent workstation, assembly line or workbench

UPC Code: 019907163008
Height: 8.9 Inches
Width: 6.2 Inches
Length: 6.6 Inches
Weight: 14.6 Pounds
Shipping Weight: 14.6 Pounds
Jaw Depth:
Jaw Height:
Jaw Material/Hardness (MW):
Jaw Width:
Lead screw (Dia.):
Opening Capacity Max:
Pipe Jaw Capacity:
Throat Depth:
Type of Base: Stationary
Type of Nut:
Center Distance:
Overall Height:
Base Diameter: 5 7/8"
Bolt Circle Diameter: 5"
Extended Height: 10½"
Workholding Capacity: 150 Lbs
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