Powermatic 1791500 PM1500, 15 Powermatic 1791500 PM1500, 15" Bandsaw
• 14-½" of throat and 14" of resaw provide more capacity than a traditional 14" bandsaw
• Sturdy cast iron table and trunnion assembly offers maximum rigidity for heavy work pieces
• Exclusive Powermatic T-Square style Accu-Fence maximizes accuracy and safety
• The Accu-Fence has complete adjustability for aligning to blade and squaring to table
• Positive locking cam with pressure adjustment
• Oversized side plate can be used in the horizontal or vertical position
• Solid steel resaw pin for optimum ridgidity
• Blade tension release with electrical interlock prevents the bandsaw from starting when the blade is de-tensioned or released
• Heavy duty upper wheel support and tracking mechanism for smooth operation
• Solid cast iron upper and lower wheels create the momentum needed for heavy resaw
• High end blade guides with tool less adjustment provide stability, increasing cut accuracy
• Four sided blade guard for optimum protection
• Integrated foot brake stops a coasting blade
• Magnetic Switch protects the motor from harm due to potential electrical supply issues
• Heavy duty 3 horsepower motor provides power needed for all projects

UPC Code: 731325224269
Height: 83.5 Inches
Width: 27.5 Inches
Length: 29.75 Inches
Weight: 394 Pounds
Shipping Weight: 502 Pounds
Cutting Capacity Width: 14½"
Cutting Capacity Height: 14"
Minimum Saw Blade Width: 1/8"
Maximum Saw Blade Width: 1"
Blade Speed: 3100 SFPM
Blade Length: 153"
Table Dimension (LxW): 21 1/2 x 16"
Table Tilt: 10 ° left, 45 ° right
Table Height From Floor: 40"
Table Height at 90º: 40"
Miter Gauge Positive Stops: 45 °, 90 °
Dust Port Outer Diameter: 4"
Dust Collection Minimum CFM: 600 cu.ft/min
Thickness Capacity (max): 14"
Blade Width: 1/8" to 1"
Wheel Diameter: 15"
Motor Voltage: 230 V
Prewired Voltage: 230 V
Motor Current: 12 A
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