Powermatic 1792071K PM1900TX-BK1 Dust Collector, 3HP 1PH 230V, 30-Micron Bag Filter Kit Powermatic 1792071K PM1900TX-BK1 Dust Collector, 3HP 1PH 230V, 30-Micron Bag Filter Kit

The PM1900 Dust Collector is strong enough to use with planers, wide belt sanders, table saws and most other woodworking machines. The exclusive TurboCone™ improves chip separation to prevent clogging of the filter, and increases packing efficiency of the collector bags. The canister filter offers over six times the filtering area of standard filter bags, collects 98% of 2-micron particles. A digital timer can be set for up to 99 minutes, and an infrared sensor allows remote control operation. The all-metal duct improves rigidity and air flow. Multiple connection port capability makes this machine a central dust collection system for the entire woodworking shop. Four swivel casters and conveniently located handles allow for easy mobility.

• TurboCone improves chip separation and collector bag packing efficiency
• The cone eliminates premature filter clogging for sustained performance
• Remote-controlled digital timer can be programmed for up to 99 minutes
• All-metal duct construction for rigidity and improved air flow
• 30-micron filter bags for improved capture of fine dust particles
• The large impeller is powered by a 3HP motor for peak performance
• Triple 4” dust ports allow for several hoses to be attached at the same time
• Cloth collection bags with view window use a snap ring for rapid installation/removal
• 10 cubic feet collection bag capacity reduces number of bag changes.
• Tall filter bags require less cleaning due to the larger surface area
• Four swivel casters for shop maneuverability


Part Number 1792071K
Trademark TurboCone
Remote Control Yes
Sound Rating 86 - 92 dB
1-Hose Connection Diameter 8 "
2-Hoses Connection Diameter 4 "
3-Hoses Connection Diameter 4 "
Bag Diameter 20 "
Filter Bag/Canister Length 48 "
Collection Bag Capacity 10 cubic foot
Collection Bag Length 30 "
Air Flow @ 4" 234 cu.ft/min
Air Flow @ 8" 1,754 cu.ft/min
Static Pressure 11.31 inch of water
Particle Size (Micron) 96% of 30 micron particles
Velocity @ 4" 5,200 foot per minute
Air Inlet (1) at 8" or (3) at 4"
Impeller Diameter 14 "
Impeller Fins 7
Impeller Material steel
Separator Tank Diameter 20 "
Separator Tank Height 10 "
Motor Power 3 HP
Motor Phase 1 Ph
Motor Voltage 230 V
Prewired Voltage 230 V
Motor Current 15 A
Web Description PM1900TX-BK1 Dust Collector, 3HP 1PH 230V, 30-Micron Bag Filter Kit
Model Number PM1900TX-BK1
Brand Powermatic
Overall Dimensions 46 x 23 x 28 (shipped), 61 x 30 x 94 (assembled)
Height 28 inch
Width 23 inch
Length 46 inch
Net Weight 211 pound
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