Jet 350125 JMD-15, Milling and Drilling Machines, Bench Top R-8 Taper, 1HP, 1Ph, 115/230V With Newall C80 DRO Installed Jet 350125 JMD-15, Milling and Drilling Machines, Bench Top R-8 Taper, 1HP, 1Ph, 115/230V With Newall C80 DRO Installed
JMD-15 Features-
• One-piece cast iron column for added support
• Belt cover - quick slide latch allows faster belt adjustment to change spindle speeds
• Base - taper allows for easier clean-up
• Larger hand wheel knobs
• UL listed motor
• Extra large worktable
• Heavy-duty tapered roller bearings support the spindle, resulting in greater tolerance and more accurate drilling depth
• New positive quick-stop knob and easy-to-read internal depth gauge (external on JMD-15)
• Extra large worktable
• 360 degree head swivel
• Heavy-duty power downfeed with manual fine feed (JMD-18PFN)
• Three power down feeds (JMD-18PFN)

JMD-15 Standard Equipment-
• Worklamp
• Adjustable carbide facemill
• Drill Press angle vise
• 1/2” drill chuck, chuck arbor
• Draw Bar
• Draw Bar 1/2” drill chuck, chuck arbor
• Draw Bar

JMD-15 Product Speicifations-
Drilling Capacity (in.): 1
Space Mill Capacity (in.): 2-1/2
End Mill Capacity (in.): 1/2
Swing (in.): 15-7/8
Max Distance Spindle to Table (in.): 15
Spindle Taper: R-8
Spindle Travel Manual (in.): 3-1/2
Spindle Travel Auto (in.): N/A
Quill Diameter (in.): 2-1/2
Column Diameter (in.): 3-5/8
Number of Spindle Speeds: 12
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM): 110-2,580
Max. Table Travel (in.): 14
Cross Travel (in.): 6
Working Surface of Table (in.): 7-1/2x23
T-slots, Number and Size (in.): 4 and 9/16
T-slot Centers (in.): 1-13/16
Base Dimensions (in.): 12-1/2 x 19-3/4
Motor (UL Listed): 1HP, 1Ph, 115/ 230V Prewired 115V
Overall Dimensions (in./L x W x H): 36-1/2 x 37-1/2 x 35-1/2
Net Weight (lbs.): 440

Newall C80 DRO Features-
• This innovative design allows the operator to easily configure the unit for either mill or lathe specific features.
• Includes a feed rate display that allows for longer tool life and increases cutting tool perfornace.
• Built-in interface allows for easy software upgrades via a personal computer.
• Available in 2- and 3-axis configurations
• Upgrades can be downloaded from the internet.
• Newall products are warranted to be free from defeats in meaterials and workmanship for five years. During

the first three years, Newall No-Fault warranty covers system failures caused by accidental damage, customer

abuse and improper installation.

Newall C80 DRO Specifications-
• Absolute/Incremental Operations: Yes
• Inch/Metric Conversion: Yes
• Zero Reset/Data Preset: Yes
• Data Recall: Yes
• Data Hold: Yes
• Radius/Diameter Readings: Yes
• Center Find: Yes
• Home Reference: Yes
• Bolt Hole Circle: Yes
• Grid Hole Array: Yes
• Arc Contouring: Yes
• Zero Approach Warning: Yes
• Linear Error Compensation: Yes
• Segmented Error Compensation: 99 segments
• Memory Back-up: Yes
• Programmable Memory: 99 points
• Edit Capabilities: Yes
• Self Diagnostics: Yes
• Polar Coordinates: Yes
• Line Hole Calculator: Yes
• Tool Offsets: Yes
• Taper Calculations: Yes
• Axis Vectoring/Summing: Yes
• Feed Rate Display; Yes
• Software Upgradeable: Yes
• Keypad: Membrane
• Audible Keystroke Entry: Yes
• Chassis: Die Cast
• Encoder Input: Spherosyn Microsyn
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