Jet 577003 J-4002 1 Jet 577003 J-4002 1" x 42" Bench Belt & Disc Sander
• Hinged idler wheel cover
• Power take off, allows for mounting an optional flex shaft, can be used for carving, drum ssanding, deburing and dozens of other jobs
• Deluxe miter gauge turns and locks for common angles 45° left and right
• Abrasive belt unit does the work of a jig-saw, copying saw or hand file while removing material and finishing at the same time, allows the operator to get into small oppenings plus handle odd shapes and angles
• Removable platen allows for sanding, grinding or finishing of outside curves or odd shaped work pieces on the belt
• Grind, sand or finish large work pieces on the disc unit fast and efficiently; combined with the tilting table, the operator can chamfer or bevel, table is slotted to accept miter gauge
• Delivers sharper, faster cutting actions; easy belt changes and a variety of grit belts, keeps the machine cool, so one can complete a wide range of jobs
• When using non-woven synthetic belts the operator can blend, buff or finish metal surfaces in addition to defuzzing wood surfaces
• Deluxe miter gauge
• Cast iron tilting table
• Cast construction
• Heavy duty steel base and rubber feet
• Removable platen
• Adjustable dust deflector and dust chute

Motor: 1/3HP, 115VAC, 1ph
Belt Size: 1 x 42
Belt Speed: 3000
Belt Table Tilt: 45° out
Disc Table Tilt: 45° out
Disc Diameter: 8
Disc Speed: 1725
Height: 14 inch
Width: 21 inch
Length: 22 inch
Net Weight: 62 pound
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