Jet 690072 JTM-2 Mill with 200S 3-AXIS QUILL DRO and X-TPFA Jet 690072 JTM-2 Mill with 200S 3-AXIS QUILL DRO and X-TPFA
UPC Code: 662755976742
Height: 81 Inches
Width: 57 Inches
Length: 64 Inches
Weight: 2100 Pounds
Shipping Weight: 2100 Pounds
Swing over Bed (in.):
Swing over Cross Slide (in.):
Number of Spindle speeds:
Swing Through Gap (in.):
Length of Gap (in.):
Spindle Taper:
Distance Between Centers (in.):
Quill Diameter (in.):
Head Movement (deg.):
Spindle Bore (in.):
Max Distance Spindle to Table ( in.):
Spindle Mount:
Distance Spindle to Column (in.):
Spindle Taper W/ Sleeve:
Table Longitudinal Travel (in.):
Table Cross Travel (in.):
Collet Capacity:
Number of Longitudinal and Cross Feed Rates:
Range of Longitudinal Feeds (IPR):
T-Slots Number and Size (in.):
Range of Cross Feeds (IPR):
T-Slot Centers (in.):
Number of Inch Threads:
Work Table Weight Capacity (lbs.):
Range of Inch Threads (TPI):
Travel of Knee (in.):
Number of Metric Threads:
Travel of Ram (in.):
2-Axis CNC:
Range of Metric Threads:
3-Axis CNC:
Max Tool Size (in.):
CNC Package:
Compound Slide Travel (in.):
Cross Slide Travel (in.):
Quill Travel (in.):
Carriage Travel (in.):
Quill Travel w/ Powerfeed engaged (in.):
Quill Down feed Rates (IPR):
Tailstock Spindle Travel (in.):
Range of Spindle Speeds (RPM):
Taper in Tailstock Spindle:
Steady Rest Capacity (in.):
Table Size (in.):
Follow Rest Capacity (in.):
Distance Spindle to Column (min./in.):
Width of Bed (in.):
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