Jet 707000 JBTS-10MJS 10 Jet 707000 JBTS-10MJS 10" Jobsite Table Saw With Stand
If you're looking for a jobsite saw that's both powerful and portable, look no further than the all-new Jet B3NCH 10" Jobsite Table Saw with stand. This table saw features a 15 Amp soft start motor, 25" right rip capacity, a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls for added safety, and a heavy-duty folding stand with wheels for quick setup and portability. Weighing in at just under 100lbs, this powerhouse brings the stability of a stationary table saw to your jobsite, then rolls away when you're done.

• Easy folding stand for convenient storage, quick setup and portability on the job site
• Rubber hand grips on each end of the table allow you to conveniently carry without stand
• Unique base design allows for adequate tool storage on the job site
• Heavy Duty 15 Amp motor with soft start
• Large telescoping extension wing provides a wide 25" ripping capacity
• Unique dust shroud design enhances dust and chip removal
• Aluminum extruded rails ensure a square fence and sliding precision
• Rear extension provides out feed support and keeps the work piece flat
• New riving knife system complies with UL standards and prevents kickback
• Convenient push button arbor lock allows for easy and quick blade change
• Quick-lock fence slides smoothly and locks securely for accurate cuts

• The Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw brings many of the capabilities of a
full-sized table saw to the jobsite, small or temporary woodworking shops. The unique folding stand, complete with wheels, makes taking the space-saving Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw to the job quick and simple. The full 10”-diameter blade and a riving knife mean that the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw is capable of handling all of your table saw work safely and efficiently.

Power, Cut Capacity and Dust-
• The Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw is powered by a heavy-duty 15 A, 120V (only) motor. The motor has soft start circuitry built in spins the included 10”-diameter, 40-tooth, carbide-tipped blade at 4000 RPM. Motor power is delivered to the arbor through a gear drive that substantially increases torque at the blade.
• The design of the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw gives it remarkable cut capacities for a table saw in this class. It is capable of cutting wood up to 3
1/8”-thick with the blade at 90-degrees or up to 2 ½”-thick with the blade tilted to 45-degrees. We also built in exterior adjustments for blade parallelism as well as the 90 and 45-degree stops. All are adjustable from the top of the
• A specially designed shroud that encloses the lower half of the blade enhances dust
collection. That shroud sweeps to the rear of the JET Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw
where it terminates in a 2-1/2”-diameter port that makes connecting your shop-style
vacuum easy and adapter free.

• The Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw is equipped with a
reliable flip switch on the front panel that starts and stops the motor. The placement of the switch keeps it within easy reach of the operator. The switch has a removable safety key that lets you disable the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw when it is not in use. We also placed the thermal reset switch right above the On/Off switch where it also is easy to find should it ever be needed.
• A large handwheel with spinner handle on the front of the cabinet moves the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw blade up and down. Flip the locking lever behind
the handwheel and that same handwheel can be pushed inwards to
engage the bevel adjusting mechanism. Once the bevel is set,
the lever locks it in place. An easy to- read scale surrounds the handwheel to make setting the exact bevel desired accurate.
• Jet added storage facilities on the sides of the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw
cabinet for the rip fence, push stick, extra blade, blade wrench and miter gauge. Whether you are working in the shop or on the jobsite, all of the included Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw accessories will be close at hand.

Expanding Table-
• The Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw was designed to be versatile yet
space considerate. The cast aluminum table surface itself is a spacious 24”-wide by 21-25/32”-deep. Flip the locking lever under the front edge of the table and the right side extension can be moved out to produce 30-1/4” of supported surface space.
That also enables setting the rip fence for a maximum rip capacity of 25”, rivaling that capacity on many contractor saws! We also added an extendable rear work support that makes working with longer work pieces safer.
• The table has full-sized 3/4”-wide by 3/8”-deep shaped miter slots on either side of the blade that accept the included miter gauge. The miter gauge head pivots to 60-degrees left and right. We also built in detents at 15, 30, 45 and 60-degrees on both the left and right sides of zero.
• The large throat opening is equipped with a steel insert plate. The plate has leveling screws to keep it flush with the table surface. The included throat insert is designed to accommodate all cut depths and bevel cuts the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw is capable of.

Blade Guard and Riving Knife-
• The Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw was designed to be as safe as it is effective. We began with a modular blade guard system that can be installed or removed without tools as needed for specialty cuts. The blade guard is shaped to slide over the wood freely on its own, leaving you to concentrate on controlling the wood. The effective antikickback pawls are also on a removable mount with a flip lever release.
• The blade guard assembly mounts to a specially designed splitter plate that can be
adjusted for use as a true riving knife that greatly reduces the chances of a kickback. The riving knife follows the blade to maintain the critical blade-to-knife distance regardless of blade height. The plate has a slotted mount and a finger-operated knob that secures it at the desired height. Raised to its full height, the plate functions as a traditional splitter with the blade guard and anti-kickback pawls attached. Remove the blade guard and antikickback pawl components and the plate can be lowered into the riving knife configuration for making groove-type cuts safely. The conversion from splitter with the guard components in place to a clean riving knife can be done very quickly, without tools or having to remove the splitter/riving knife plate.
• The Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw is outfitted with a 3”-tall by 24-1/2”-long rip fence. This T-square style fence features a single lever lock that secures the fence on both ends of the table for maximum stability. The rip fence head has an adjustable pointer that follows an easy to read scale on the front rail that indicates the
current rip width. The extruded aluminum fence has pre-drilled through holes that make attaching a sacrificial face easy. Its rectangular shape makes building and mounting your own specialty jigs easier as well.

Stand and Mobility-
• The jobsite category of saw implies ease of transportation. The Jet Heavy-Duty 10"
Jobsite Table Saw folding stand meets that qualification and more. Open the locking tab and a single handle opens and closes the stand. A pair of helper springs makes the opening and closing motions virtually effortless. The 8”-diameter wheels mean
getting this saw to the job is easy. One leg of the stand has an adjustable foot for leveling the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw on uneven surfaces. Once setup and locked into the open mode, the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw is remarkably stable for both safety and accuracy.
• Jet is so proud of the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw and its quality, we cover
it with our 3 year warranty! Whether you work at a jobsite, in a smaller or temporary
workspace, the Jet Heavy-Duty 10" Jobsite Table Saw brings full-on capabilities to your
workspace in a space-saving package.

Blade Diameter: 10"
Arbor Diameter: 5/8"
Arbor Speed: 4000 RPM
Maximum Depth of Cut: 3-1/8"
Maximum Depth of Cut at 45 Degrees: 2-1/2"
Maximum Rip Right of Blade: 25"
Table Size with Standard Extension (L x W): 30-1/4" x 21-25/32"
Table Size without Extension (L x W): 24" x 21-25/32"
Dust Port Outside Diameter: 2-1/2"
Motor Voltage: 120 V
Prewired Voltage: 120 V
Motor Current: 15 A
Motor Phase: 1 Ph
Height: 20"
Width: 31.7"
Length: 45.5"
Net Weigh: 90.39 lbs.
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