Jet 756027 50 Jet 756027 50" Electrical Power Slip Roll(1PH)
• Perfect tool for sheet metal forming in HVAC and FAB-shops
• Roll drive is controlled by foot pedal for immediate forward and reverse action
• Rolls are made of hardened polished high-carbon steel.
• Forming roll has attached position scale for equal pressure adjustment
• Heavy duty cast iron frame and enclosed base insure precise sheet metal rolling.
• Easy to setup and operate
• Convenient foot-control assembly with emergency-button
• Weight and rigidity; scale and precision; strength and simplicity define exceptional comfort and ease of operation.
• All electrical and rotating parts are designed for safety and ease of use
• Satety Brake
• Large handwheels for easy adjustment

UPC Code: 731325178029
Height: 43 Inches
Width: 24 Inches
Length: 71 Inches
Weight: 750 Pounds
Shipping Weight: 877 Pounds
Min. Forming Radius: 2 in.
Wire Grooves: 5/16, 3/8, 1/2 in.
Number and Diameter of Rolls: 3 rolls x 3 in. diameter
Mild Steel Capacity (Gauge/in.): 16
Max. Forming Length (in.): 50
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