Jet 756151 WH-45T  45 Jet 756151 WH-45T 45" ENGLISH WHEEL
• Rolls beads and forms mild steel sheet metal up to 16 gauge
• Rolls beads and forms aluminum and copper up top 1/8"thick
• Machine supplied with 10 anvils and 4 rolling wheels
• Three sets of popular fender groove shaping wheels
• Throat 45"
• Quick cam handle releases the work piece
• Both wheels swivel 90°
• Quick wheel change without using any tooling
• Polished wheels supplied with sealed bearings for smooth operation
• Rolling wheels 6" diameter
• Storage brackets for rolling and anvil wheels
• Screw lift assembly designed for comfortability and precise pressure setup
• Heavy duty frame
• Retractable wheels make moving this machine around the shop simple

UPC Code: 731325178050
Height: 64 Inches
Width: 31 Inches
Length: 58 Inches
Weight: 458 Pounds
Shipping Weight: 575 Pounds
Width of upper Dies (in.):
Upper Die Height (in.):
Min. Forming Radius (in.):
Wire Grooves (in.):
Number and Diameter of Rolls (in.):
Mild Steel Capacity (Gauge/in.): 16
Base Dimensions:
Bending Capacity:
Rolling Capacity: 1/8"
Shearing Capacity:
Size of Slip Roll (in./L x W):
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