Shop Fox W1687 3 HP 2,800 CFM Dust Collector Shop Fox W1687 3 HP 2,800 CFM Dust Collector
When you are ready to take your dust collection system to the next level, this 3 HP Dust Collector will be your first choice. The increased air suction capacity will allow you to build bigger and more complex dust collection systems with room to spare. Also, the double collection setup means less down time emptying bags and shaking out filters - this translates to more time spent actually making the dust!

•Motor size: 3 HP, 220V, Single-phase, 3,450 RPM
•Motor Amp draw: 220V - 18A
•Impeller: 13" balanced steel radial fin
•Maximum inlet size: 8"
•Inlet adapter: 4-way x 4" inlets
•Air suction cap.: Approx. 2,800 CFM
•Static pressure: 14.4
•Bag size (Dia. x depth): 19" x 33" (4)
•Height (with bags inflated): 78"
•Bag volume: 10.8 Cubic Feet
•Standard bag filtration: 30 Micron
•Approx. shipping weight: 170 lbs.
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